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Professional, reliable medical billing, medical coding, and business process outsourcing.

Radiant Data Systems

Let Radiant Data Systems handle your medical billing and medical coding needs – quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively.

Welcome to Radiant Data Systems, where we provide medical professionals, hospitals, and medical billing/receivables management companies with a full-service, outsourced medical billing solution that is all-encompassing, extremely competent, and ROI-driven.

Services We Offer

Private Medical Practices

We work with all medical arts and specialties. From a one physician office to a group-based organization, we handle all receivables, insurance claims, and billing. We save you both time and money, and increase cash flow.


The increasing complexity of a hospital’s receivables practically begs for a professional, managed solution. Let Radiant Data Systems show you an increased ROI, while also streamlining operations.


Medical Billing/Receivables Management Companies

We’re the reliable outsourcing partner that you’ve been looking for. In plain terms, we offer you better service for a fraction of the cost of others. Yes - believe it.

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Our Medical Centers

Physicians and Hospitals

We’ll show you increased reimbursements, while at the same time, reducing your bad debt. Plus, we’ll completely eliminate all of your billing and coding headaches.

Medical billing agencies

We’re the most cost- effective medical billing and coding outsourcing solution available. Our professional, reliable staff will not only handle all the heavy lifting, but we’ll also show you an ROI that was, until now, unobtainable.