Frequently Asked Questions

Business Process Outsourcing (or BPO for short) is when a business outsources a task(s) that used to be internal in nature. For example, a medical office that used to handle their Medical Coding internally looks to outsource that task to a third party.
At first glance, the advantage is usually financial in nature. A company like Radiant Data Systems can typically handle (for example) medical billing less expensively than an office/hospital can internally. But the advantages do not end with finances alone. This is because an outsourcing company (like Radiant Data Systems) is a specialist. So not only is the cost reduced, but accuracy increases, and payments come quicker.

Yes, for several reasons. First is operating costs – it simply costs less to do business in Bangladesh than it does in India (etc). Second is since there is little competition in Bangladesh, we can draw the absolute cream of the crop from the employment pool. Our employees speak clear English, are highly educated, and are committed to doing an exceptional job. You will not find better people than those that reside in our company. Plus, we ensure that our people are treated well, and are compensated fairly. We realize that is the only way to truly be a professional firm.

Security is robust, and data backups are continuous and redundant. We adhere to the most recent, accepted security measures, including video surveillance and biometric access control of our premises. And yes, we are fully HIPAA-Compliant.

Absolutely. No change on your end is necessary.

Sure! Our services can be combined or utilized ala carte’. Just contact us, and we’ll go over how we can help you.

Yes. Increasingly, medical billing and medical coding providers are finding it advantageous to outsource their work to us. The advantages are cost, and also transparency to your clients.