Our Services

We perform the following services for clients in the USA

  • Business process outsourcing
  • Software Development
  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Coding
  • Insurance Verification and Eligibility
  • Data Processing, Data Entry, Data Extraction
  • Collections and Claims
  • Payment Posting
  • EMR System Integration

EMR Background – Recent HITECH and HIPAA

Radiant Data Systems is a full EMR system integration specialist. What this means is we link EMR’s with HIS and other practice based systems, including billing and accounting. We’re also Imaging specialists in this regard (integrating EMR records with legacy imaging or paper systems.)

We can do this for virtually all EMR vendors, including:

  • Allscripts
  • Eclpisys
  • Varian
  • Advances Data Systems
  • Cerner
  • GE
  • McKesson
  • NextGen
  • Promed
  • Praxis

In addition, we work with almost any size practice / business. From a one-physician office to the largest hospital, we ensure timely payment, easy insurance verification, and increased ROI. We are also not limited by discipline – any medical practitioner or medical billing/receivables service provider in the US or Canada can take advantage of our services.

All encompassing

Our services are all-encompassing, meaning we offer a complete solution that will be completely transparent to your patients / customers. When we handle your medical billing and medical coding, we handle the entire process, from insurance verification to ensuring that the submission is correct to getting you paid on-time, every time. No situation is too unique for us, and no business process is too archaic.

In essence, we will tame your paper tiger and make sense of the payment process, insurances, and receivables. This enables you to spend more time taking care of your patients.

Our Experience

We have processed literally tens of millions of claims for all manner of medical related practices, hospitals, and medical billing providers. In terms of dollar amounts, our experience lies in the billions

Our services are meant to bring about both increased ROI, and the simplicity of a professional provider who can handle an extraordinary amount of circumstances. When you hire Radiant Data Systems, your peace of mind in regards to medical billing / medical coding / insurance issues / and business process outsourcing is assured.

We would be pleased to show you how simple increased ROI can be. Click here to contact us.

RPA and Automation

Robotic Process Automation ( RPA) is automation software that allows the creation of software robots to automate business processes. These “bots” are programmed to perform the tasks you delegate and manage.

Use automation to streamline decision-making and enhance processes in your business. Free information workers from performing tedious and time-consuming jobs, enabling them to concentrate on work that generates interest and engagement. Via collaborations with leading providers of Robotic Process Automation, we offer business end-user accessibility, fast implementation and consistently high ROI.

Our core services include process discovery activities, strategy and implementation. We offer coordinated Automation Operations Centers (AOC) with 24x7x365 monitoring through our key strategic partners.

RPA bots can be taught. They are also clonable. See how they work as you see fit, and change and scale. It is low or no-code, non-disruptive, and straightforward. Consider RPA as a complement or even replacement to your Digital Workforce. Show what to do to your bots then let them do the job.

Robotic Process Automation bots have the same digital skills as humans, they ‘re a Robotic Workforce that can communicate with any device or program from copy-paste to data correction to calculations. Therefore, to automate, there is no need to modify underlying business structures or software, or any aspect of current business processes.

RPA automation can be rapidly implemented and business users can work with it on their own. You can set up and deployd bots in a matter of weeks — then see ROI in a matter of days.